Wonderful Friday

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Today is a good day for wonder.

It is Good Friday and the start of our four day weekend.  All my children will be home so I am washing sheets, making beds and tending a batch of chilli on the stove.  My hands are busy but my mind is thoughtful.

I have celebrated 40 Easters as a Christian.  I know the story inside and out, forward and backwards.  I have taught many, many Easter lessons in Sunday school using props and crafts and DVD’s and have read the Biblical account with my own children over and over again.

But there is a danger in familiarity.  The danger is that I can lose the wonder of it all.

And if I lose the wonder, what is next?  Will I lose my gratefulness?  My humility?  My love?

Wonder is the child-like reaction I had when I first heard the story. I was eight years old, sitting in Sunday school class that a friend had invited me to. It was all pretty old-fashioned and simple and a frog puppet shared words of light and life to me. I couldn’t believe how good that news was and I couldn’t say yes quick enough.

Wonder stirs worship and obedience.  Wonder keeps me from cynicism and staleness.

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A Christian life that cultivates wonder is one that is growing and sincere.  Wonder keeps me from just going through the motions of faith.  Wonder is a gift.

But it can dissipate.  We can lose it before we even realize it and first love can become ordinary.  So, special celebrations like Easter are an opportunity to stir up wonder, love and gratefulness again.

We can use these holidays to display the truth and beauty of what we believe.




We can intentionally put praise and gratefulness at the core of our weekend with Church services or local walks of witness.  Spending time with other Christians is so important because wonder is contagious.  

We can look at Easter from a fresh perspective.  My family and I love to watch the movie, ‘Risen’ at Easter time and last year we attended a live performance of the passion of Jesus that was wonderful.  Every time we see the gospel from a new angle we have the chance to remember the wonder of it.

And we can pray.  We can make it the cry of our hearts that we will never take for granted the glorious good news that Easter celebrates.  We can pray that we would be people who never, ever get over the wonder of knowing God.












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