1st Birthday

My name is Kelley.

I was born in a snowstorm in 1969 in the middle of a family that was facing its own kind of storm.

When I was eight I heard about God’s invitation to me for the very first time and I said yes.  What at first seemed too good to be true has turned out to be utterly true and very, very good.

Following Jesus has been exciting and surprising.  It has taken me to places I never thought I would go.  Eventually His call brought me to England where I have raised a family, served my church and learned to love people different than me.

I now have four young adults who come and go, filling up bedrooms only to empty them out again.  The only constant, apart from my wonderful man, is my labrador, Buddy, who reminds me every day what devotion and faithfulness looks like and that every day is a good day for a walk.

My passion is to encourage women to make time in their busy lives for loving God and hearing his voice so they can walk in their destinies and change the world around them.